Friday, 29 November 2013

The time only comes once a year!

30 days has September, April, June and November…right? I am not sure where they have all gone but December is now at our door step.  November consisted of soaking up too much sunshine, finding delicious cafes, catching up with what feels like long lost friends,  spending some extra hours lying around in bed and doing some things for myself aka the most dreaded dentist.  I have learnt to make the most of the time off as “reality” comes hunting you down way too quick. Back up in the clouds, I am soaking up the minimal oxygen up in Falls Creek once again to start the year. It’s a beautiful place up here, quiet and easy to revert back to fundamental basics which are important for this time of year.


I don’t get much time to explore Sydney but every year Bondi puts on the Sculptures by the Sea. It’s a free exhibition set up along the beaches from Tamarama to Bondi with a new thought process every year. You can get alittle crazy with it by bending down and doing what some of the sculptures are doing. I don’t rate my flexibility so I left that for everyone else aka my dad.

If you asked me 3 years ago when I first started if I would ride a mountain bike, you would have got a blank “no “. It has grown on me over the years and something that I always wanted to try. I had fun exploring the Blue Mountains, down south at Wingello State forest and some trails around at home. I did have one embarrassing stack, miss judging the width of my handlebars and hit both trees. Nevertheless I was in the bushes on the side of the track. Learnt my lesson.  I loved single track, gaining some good skills especially when the rain came pouring down. I think I still have sore wrists from the first time I went downhill, grabbing onto the handlebars so tight. It could also be from my multiple attempts to master handstands and cartwheels. Wouldn’t say the circus would want me anytime soon. It was something different to the normal road riding we do throughout the season and something I will sure do in the off season next year.

Nothing beats a good selfie but I got to play around with the camera a bit showing off what I do for 300 or so days of the year. Some awesome underwater videos and photos with some also of me riding and running. What I wear, what bike I ride and what shoes I run in wouldn’t be possible without my sponsor so it is always great showing them off. Thanks to SportsCrafters for the new set of rollers that have already come to good use starting back into training and up here in Falls Creek. Abit of a shock to the system was testing at NSWIS before heading up to Falls Creek. After a few weeks off and just some easy jogs around the estate, testing always bites you in the bum. No expectations, but just from the treadmill to try and get the legs up to speed with it. It seems to always win..



Before heading up to Falls Creek, I got invited to go to Macarthur Triathlon Presentation night.  A busy night with lots of awards but the sight of exciting futures for the juniors of the club. Emma Carney had very inspirational talk and not too much has changed from what I do now. I got put on the spot with a few questions but I don’t mind speaking to a crowd. ( Hope I answered them alright ha)

I am looking forward to December with most of it spent up here in Falls Creek. Then it is home to lose some wisdom, turn 21, spend Christmas with the family and finish the year for New Years in New Zealand. J


Monday, 4 November 2013

Work hard in silence and let success be your noise!

My Season Review for 2013

Devonport Oceania Sprint Championships, February –
My first race of the season and it was time to dust some cob webs off to start the year. I had a decent swim but just missed a few girls up the road and was forced to ride in the middle of two groups. My run did not help me either after such a hard ride and finished 7th.

Wellington Oceania Olympic Championships, March-
My second race was much better with a solid swim but we ended up riding as one big group for most of the race. A massive positive was a sight of my run form coming through with a sprint finish for 4th place and making it through my first Olympic distance for the year.


Mooloolaba ITU World Cup, March –
A small but quality field, coming out of the water with the lead girls would change the aspect of the race. We rode strongly over the 40km but I became the one dictating the pace at the front up the hills. A hot and hilly run put me in survival mood but equally my best world cup finish with a 5th place.

Auckland ITU World Series, April –
My first World Series race of the year! Back to where I finished the year last year, I love Auckland and the course. I exited the water in the top 5, rode strong and ended up finishing in 10th in a sprint finish with one of my training partners. A top 10 in a world series race, I couldn’t be any happier with the start to the year.

Yokohama ITU World Series, April–
As soon as I dived into the water, I knew it wasn’t going to be my day. I just had no strength and probably swam the worst I did all
year. I think I just lost focus and was too worried about being so far back and put myself in a vulnerable position following bad wheels.
Next minute, I came crashing down on white lines and landed pretty heavily on my ribs. I am not the person to pull out so I
finished up in a lot of pain to 21st.

Madrid ITU World Series, May –
Madrid was my first race back after my injury with my ribs and I didn’t

know how it would go with minimum swim and ride training. I put my

ribs at the back of mind and went into the race with a positive mind.

My swim went really well and I couldn’t believe how I did it. As soon

as I started riding up the first hill, I knew my day was over. My ribs

weren’t giving me anything and I was forced to pull of my first race.
Les Sables and St Jean de Monts French GP
Both of these races for my French team, Tri Val de Gray are prime opportunities for racing mid hard training. Fields are always quality in these types of races and these two were chances to see how my ribs
were post injury. Not my best results but something I can look back on and see how I can improve for bigger ITU races.

Palamos ITU World Cup, July

A late one added into the calendar, I wanted to have a good race with the opportunity of having a break away. My swim wasn’t the best that day and I had to settle into the chase pack
losing time. A run that I wasn’t too happy with either , finished a okay 10th.

Hamburg ITU World Series, July –
I had to redeem myself from the weekend before and needed to put in a solid race. I swam as well as I knew I could exiting the water within the top 4 and ride solid on technical course. The weekend before took a lot of the legs especially run wise and I finished 26th. Back to the
drawing board with my run..
Tiszaujvaros World Cup, August –  This race was the one that suited me the most this year. A breakaway in the heat allowed me to get comfortably into the
final with a win. A breakaway again in the final let me get away with 7 other girls and we gained over a minute on the next group. I didn’t run to my potential and let podium get up
the road. Another 5th for the year, I was pretty excited on how
everything has progressed going into worlds.
Stockholm ITU World Series, August –
Stockholm scared me last year- cobbles, downhill, what?! I couldn’t let this take advantage of me and I went into the race confident. I came out of water within the top 3 girls and got onto my bike with knowledge I had better skills and ability then most of the girls around me. We just played around as most of the stronger riders were in the chase group. They eventually caught us and it was going to come down to the run. I felt okay running, not terrible or nothing to flash but finishing 17th is something to build on.

Satrouville French GP
This was very unexpected for me. I think I had the swim of my season and got on to the feet of some "fish" within the sport. The bike course was awesome to have a breakaway of four of us- a little climb and fast flats. We gained over 2 minutes on the main group of girls and I put myself in a position to win. I felt really good running and turned the corner onto the blue carpet and went for it. I went too early and missed the win just! 2nd was awesome, first under 23 and a massive confidence booster.

London ITU World U23 Triathlon Championships, September –
I went into London with the knowledge that anything could happen. People have some break- through performances at under 23’s. It wasn’t a course that suited my strengths. I was confident in my swim and my bike that if we had the people there we could have a break but this didn’t happen. I had a great swim and gained 40 or so seconds on main group of girls. There wasn’t enough of us to make it work so it turned into a massive group. Coming down to a run wasn’t what I wanted and finishing 14th was pretty disappointing for me.

Nice French GP
I picked my head up after London and trained on towards the end of the season. I still had fitness post London and went in there with the attitude of getting myself in another breakaway. That course is ideal for getting away as it is flat and fast. I was just off the back out of the swim and worked pretty hard to get myself back on the group of 4 girls. We rode about 90 seconds into them and I finished 4th and first under 23.

Tongyeong ITU World Cup, October –
The last race on my overseas trip before home, we stopped in South Korea. One very dodgy first lap in the swim, I put my head down and swam hard till I was
with the front girls on the second. 7 of us got away with 4 of us working well together. A 15 second penalty was going to my killer but I think this gave me
more motivation to run hard and give myself my first
world cup podium with a 3rd place. Very exciting!

Nepean Triathlon
My last race of the year was alittle bit different with a non drafting format. I actually really enjoyed the training leading into this and being something different gave me motivation to train hard till the end. I didnt swim that great but put myself in a good position off the bike to get a podium. I ran well and was happy with how my season ended with a third place.
Thanks to everyone who has supported me this season, my coach Jamie Turner, my parents, my sponsors and Triathlon Australia. I can’t complain too much with finishing 23rd in the world on the ITU points list and 32nd in the WTS rankings. A few ups and a few downs but that’s triathlon and I am looking forward to 2014!